File a U.S. trademark application from outside the U.S.

Steps in registering a trademark

Registering a trademark looks easy...

But here's what the process really looks like:

File Application
Review by Trademark Office
Published for Opposition
Before you file your application, you’ll need to understand and make decisions about...

After you file, you might hear from the Trademark Office and have to deal with these issues.

Someone might oppose your application.

If you make it all the way to approval, you’ll need to understand...
  • Words, logo or both?
  • Drawing?
  • Specimen?
  • Intent to Use?
  • International Class?
  • Good & Services Description?
  • Describe the logo?
  • Is color a part of the claim?
  • Who is the owner?
  • Design codes?
  • Pseudomark?
  • Office Action?
  • Confusingly similar?
  • Disclaimer?
  • Amend goods description?
  • Additional International classes?
  • Actual use in commerce?
  • Appeal to the TTAB?
  • My application is being opposed?
  • File an answer?
  • They won by default?
  • Notice of Approval?
  • Statement of Use?
  • Renewals?