File a U.S. trademark application from outside the U.S.

A cautionary tale

This is the story of one application, but it's like many we've seen.

A business owner wanted to register his trademark. A search of the Trademark Office database showed there was already a registration of pretty much the same word for the same services, but the guy went ahead and filed an application anyway.

He paid the Trademark Office $975 in filing fees.

A few months later, he heard from the Trademark Office: They wouldn't register his trademark because it was confusingly similar to a trademark that was already registered. The Trademark Office also said if he didn't respond by the deadline providing "arguments and/or evidence as to why the refusal should be withdrawn" his "trademark would fail to register, and the application fee will not be refunded."

End result: After several months and a pretty chunk of change, his trademark was still not protected.

Sounding less and less like ordering a pizza all the time, isn’t it?
Ouch. There’s that costing-you-money thing.
Double ouch. There’s that not-getting-the-protection-you-need thing.