File a U.S. trademark application from outside the U.S.

Why not the other guys?

We've looked at the other services. That's why we started ours.

Cheaper price doesn't always mean lower cost

If you were buying a cell phone, we wouldn't need to explain why the cheapest phone might not be the best deal. Unfortunately, most people register a trademark only once or twice in a lifetime, so they may not be able to distinguish what's valuable and what's not. Here's what we see out there:

  • The fee you pay your filing service is probably not going to be the most expensive part. There are three ways to make trademark registration expensive: Paying too much in Trademark Office fees, having your application die so you lose your application fees, or facing a tough office action or opposition. No matter which of our packages you buy, you will be told every step of the way whether a decision you just made means more fees AND we explain which decisions will help you get to a viable application and which ones put you in jeopardy of an office action or opposition.
  • We hope you read the fine print, but it isn't always easy to understand. Some of the stuff the other guys put out there is just crazy. One company will sell you the right to plaster their logo on your website to show the world that you're protecting your trademark. What? Your registration is what protects your trademark. The ® symbol is what tells the world that you have that protection. You don't need to pay THEM for the right to advertise their product.

We know what people need and what's just fluff. We built our service to deliver what you need most.

Some words about searches

Some of the sites offer a low price and include what they laughingly call a "direct hit" search. We couldn't believe this was even a thing. It's like taking your car to a mechanic because the brakes are squealing and having her fix it by giving you earplugs. Searching for trademarks isn't like checking the availability of a domain name.

It doesn't tell you what you need to know and will tell you stuff that isn't important. For example, if you wanted to register WAISTED TALENT for a line of women's wear, the direct hit search wouldn't show you the registration for WASTED TALENT for clothing, which is a huge problem for you. But it would show you WAISTED TALENT for a company that helps celebrities lose weight, which wouldn't be a problem for you.

ALL our packages include either:

Helping you do a real search AND helping you interpret the results ($499);
Having us do a real search AND telling you what it all means in plain language ($899 and up).

Is there a need for speed?

Some websites charge a higher fee for rushing your application in the same day. Who are they kidding? Getting a registration takes about a year. Almost of all of that is waiting for the Trademark Office. The only reason for extreme urgency in filing is to beat someone else to the punch. We aren't lackadaisical. We file fast, sometimes the same day. Not because you paid us an extra $99, but because it's the right thing to do.

Their website makes it look so easy and they don't ask so many questions

Last week I went to the doctor and he didn't ask me a single question. It was awesome. I got out of there super fast.

We worked really hard on our content and flow to make it as easy as possible without compromising our goal of helping you get it right: A viable application for a trademark you love. We think we hit the right balance between ease and doing a good job. We hope you'll agree.

Some of their websites made us giggle in our lawyerly way

Some of them were actually using trademark symbols (™, ℠, and ®) incorrectly on their own trademarks. Most of their trademarks were lame. They all read and look like they were written by lawyers.

Application fees can be low, medium or high: $250 or $350. That can be multiplied by 1, 2, 3 or more.
If your application isn't viable, whatever you paid in application fees will be gone when your application dies.
Facing a complicated office action or opposition will make all the other expenses seem minor. Everything else we do takes a few minutes to a few hours. Responding to a complicated office action or fighting an opposition means days or weeks of work = a lot of money. One company says they will “assist in transmitting Office Action responses.” Wow. They will click the “upload” button, what a boon. What about actually writing the response? Yeah. Not so much. One company includes preparing a response but not for anything that’s “substantive” which they claim is “not common.” Whether or not it’s common doesn’t matter if you’re the one with the “substantive” office action.
Here’s some of the things that can make it take longer:
  • getting an office action;
  • filing based on intent to use instead of based on use;
  • having the application opposed.
Really. We were rolling our lawyer eyes and laughing our lawyer laugh.